We believe in protecting our environment and leaving a sustainable future for the generations to follow. Asia has the highest yearly increase in electrical demand globally, and this demand will continue to increase for decades to come. REI Group is dedicated to providing ethical and sustainable solutions to meet this ever growing energy demand throughout the Asian Region. REI Groups focuses on three core areas of energy production, 1) Waste to Energy 2) Solar Energy and 3) Clean Coal.

Waste to Energy

REI Group is excited by the potential of the waste to energy (WTE) process. The new technologies in the industry have disrupted the marketplace and brought WTE to the forefront in sustainable energy in the form of long-term profitable business models. The FastOx® technology by Sierra Energy is leading the way in the WTE space. Now we have the opportunity to not only reduce, and eventually eliminate, the plague of garbage landfills, we can accomplish this and produce vast amounts of energy to run our modern lives all with zero emissions in the WTE process. This is truly a remarkable technology and REI Group allocating greater resources and shifting focus to this effort, we see Sierra Energy’s FastOx® technology as THE solution for two of societies greatest needs; Clean Energy and Landfill Elimination.

Solar Energy

All of the great metro areas of Asia have one thing in common, a cement jungle of skyscrapers and industrial facilities. Some people view this as blight on the landscape. We have a different view of these structures, REI see each and every structure as an opportunity to capture the gift of energy from the sun. The heavy sunlight and tropical climate found in most of Asia’s great cities offers the perfect platform to capture the suns power and convert it to solar energy. REI is partnered with leading technology providers to harness the suns energy, solar energy is highly effective and should be apart of any sustainable company’s portfolio.

REI group solar

Clean Coal

Although we believe there are better solutions than coal fired energy, we understand that this technology will be with us until a large scale sustainable and safe solution claims the market space, Until that day, REI offers technology and services to make the use of coal for power as clean as possible. From the front-end unloading/material handling, through the process control phase, into the power generation and finally the back-end material handling/power off-take REI brings world-class design, engineering, project management, procurement, construction and process control capabilities to your specific coal energy needs.