Mongla Port Grain Silos and Offloading Facility

Mongla Port Project Bangladesh

Date:27 Jun, 2017

Client:Government of Bangladesh


Mongla Port Grain Silos and Offloading Facility

When the Ministry of Food for the Government of Bangladesh needed expert engineering for its Disaster Preparedness grain storage mega-project, they selected Rogers Enterprises International’s US partner company River Consulting to handle the Front End Engineering, Construction Management, and Project Monitoring. This project will span over 10 years and provide world-class grain storage for the entire western half of Bangladesh, a country of over 180 million people. Outdated storage facilities have been to blame for severe grain spoilage in the country, especially after the disastrous 2007 cyclone wiped out huge amounts of crop and storage alike.

Rogers Enterprises International worked with River Consulting, our design engineering partner in the United States, to secure the bid. Since this project is funded by the World Bank through the Japan Debt Cancellation Fund, there was a substantial amount of documentation that needed to be completed in a specific manner, which Rogers Enterprises International also assisted with. After River Consulting successfully bid for the Front End Engineering, Construction Management, and Project Monitoring parts of the project, Rogers Enterprises International took over the daily business tasks that needed to be completed. As our headquarters office located in Bangkok, Thailand, is just a 2 ½ hour flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh, we have been able to contribute enormous time and cost savings for River Consulting.

Additionally, since Rogers Enterprises International employs agents in Bangladesh, we can maintain close ties to the various stakeholders in the country. “Constant communication and feedback are integral to business success in Asia, and this is something we focus on,” said Kevin Rogers, managing director of Rogers Enterprises International. “We’re able to provide real-time project updates for River Consulting at a fraction of the cost that River Consulting itself would have incurred having to deal with the travel and logistics involved for a US-based firm.”

River Consulting was selected by the Government of Bangladesh to provide its expertise in selecting the design and layout of facilities for ship unloading, grain storage, and resources for product handling. River Consulting also provided consulting services to prepare the tender documents for the Design/Build phase of the project. During the construction of this new import facility, River Consulting will further the role of consultant to the Bangladeshi government to ensure project success. “This project is an essential element in the Bangladesh government’s program to increase the stability of food supplies for the people of Bangladesh,” stated River Consulting’s President, Greg DiFrank. “River Consulting is pleased to be able to provide our three decades of grain handling expertise to the Ministry to help them construct this important facility.”

The 50,000 metric tonne storage facility will also feature contemporary design elements which will allow the Bangladeshi government to unload grain from vessels calling at the new port. The grain will then be processed and stored in the slipform concrete grain silos being constructed. The sophisticated bagging system allows the grain to be easily parceled out into sacks and loaded onto trucks for domestic distribution throughout the country. This project has been given special attention, and will be online within two years.

Fast Facts

  • Port of Mongla, Bangladesh
  • 50,000 metric tonne grain storage capacity
  • Offload facility and port
  • World Bank-sponsored project
  • Project will modernize food storage standards in Bangladesh