Grain Storage / Milling

REI’s Director of Engineering has more than thirty years engineering experience in the grain storage and feed milling industries. REI has designed/engineered modern grain and feed facilities world-wide, his years of experience and mastery of engineering firmly establishes him as a global leader within his discipline. REI’s specialty lies in the process-flow design of complex feed-milling and grain handling systems and cement slip-form silos. REI leads a team of more than fifteen engineers of various disciplines which allows REI to offer our clients a complete design/engineering solution for any grain/feed related project. This gives REI the ability to offer our Asian clients premier USA-standard design and engineering services, combined with our local Asian construction, which results in superior end-product at a regionally competitive price structure.

REI Feed Mills

Rogers Engineering International (REI), offers turn-key feed mill solutions throughout Southeast Asia, featuring US engineering & high quality equipment at local, Asian prices.

REI has over 45 years of experience in the feed mill industry of Southeast Asia, having worked on projects for a number of different clients

Feed Mills REI

Advantages for the Client

Our clients enjoy working with REI because we can provide them what others cannot - world-class, American-engineered feed mills at low prices. As a complete turn-key pack-age, our clients receive the following:

  1. US Engineering support from REI’s USA partner Borton LC Engineering.
  2. Japanese-spec equipment from our factory in Taiwan, or an option for US equipment.
  3. Local project management services from REI.
  4. Turn-key installation and commissioning available through REI’s vast network.
  5. Expert advice from REI, having over 45 years in the Southeast Asian feed milling in-dustry.

REI is unlike Chinese feed mill suppliers who offer low prices and low quality, and we are also unlike most American and European feed mill engineering firms that charge very high rates for a feed mill solution just because they make it in a country far away. REI’s com-plete feed mill solution is perfect for clients who require the highest American engineering at a reasonable price.